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What do we offer?

We only use qualified, native English teachers.

We don't compromise on the quality of our teachers.

We have modern, unique teaching materials created by the team at Kreativ English to allow your students to speak English with confidence and enjoyment!

Where & When?

These courses can be taken at your school during

any week of the year.

English Project Weeks

Our secondary school courses cover a wide range of ages and levels.

All our coursebooks are original and created at Kreativ English, and offer different levels of difficulty for each age group.

We have five main courses which cover the the core CEF levels of A1, A2, B1 & B2.

These are Take off (A1), Progress (A1/2),

Impact (A2/B1), Explore (B1) Discover (B2)

All these courses are fully adaptable to accommodate mixed levels, and can be mixed/tailored to any requests.

During our week at the school, the students also complete a group project to present, as well as creating and writing a script to act out, in a final day show to be performed in front of parents.

It is a week of high energy, creativity, and total immersion in English.


Project Weeks

Please contact us directly for an exact quote

We teach during normal school hours, replacing your weekly lessons, and finish with a presentation/show.