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Free Demonstration lessons

No obligation, free demonstration lessons for as many classes as you'd like! 


Each demonstration lesson is around 25 mins long, so will be enough time to show all your classes a few games and activities similar to those during our courses. 

Just let us know when is best for you, and we'll be right there!

5 days - 30 lessons

Great for the students to really get involved speaking & hearing English for the entire week. 

This total immersion leads to improved confidence and motivation!

Total Immersion

These weeks are great for being completed immersed in English from start to finish!


Fun Theatre

Theatre is one of the best tools for language learning. It inspires creativity, and builds confidence to communicate more freely.

It's also a huge achievement to perform in front of an audience in a foreign language!

Only native speaking teachers

Having native English with a variety of accents is a great way for the students to hear the way we really speak!


This is what we can do for you!

Creative Presentations

We like to finish with a final performance and presentation, allowing the students to show what they have created during the week.

Our presentations aren't typical of most project weeks, as we present videos and sketches created by the students in small groups, as well as short plays created by the children themselves!

We like to put on a good show for your school and the parents, and have a strong focus on theatre, building the confidence of the students!


Easy to organise

We know your time is valuable, so we have quick online booking options.

It can all be done digitally online, and we provide all the documents you would need to send to parents to gauge interest for the course. 

Easy to Switch to us

Switching to us is also very straightforward (it doesn't matter if you've signed a pre-agreement with someone else, as we can sort this all out for you - we've done this at many schools)

We're efficient, personal, and make your life as easy as possible! We don't want you have a burden of any extra work, so we do most of it for you!

The coursebooks that accompany our project weeks are completely unique and designed by us only at Kreativ English.

They're colourful, modern, and cover a broad range of topics based around British & world culture.

We have 4 completely different courses for each age group, so there's no worry about repeating material each year.

Our students have our courses for all four years and love the variety!


Modern Material

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