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Film/Theatre Weeks

Choose Film or Theatre for 3-4 days

English weeks with the ultimate creativity

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What do we offer?

These courses are all about using English, but in the most creative ways possible.
The main focus of these shorter workshops is to produce a short film or theatre piece entirely from scratch.

Would like to see more?

Simply send us an email, or use the button below to find out more about how to arrange free demonstration lesson whenever suits you best!


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Where & When?

These courses can be taken at your school during any week of the year.


During the week, your students will learn filming & editing techniques, how to set up shots for different effects, as well as completing short filming projects of set scenes, before creating their own short film – (this can all be done with mobile phones and the various editing software available – we bring other necessary equipment such as tripods -)

They also learn to storyboard their film, as well as creating simple scripts for the filming itself.


On the theatre side, our teachers guide them with loads of acting games, performance of short sketches, learning how to create storylines, how to act on film, as well as a strong focus on improvisation to really get them working their English!
Our is aim is to really get your students talking and using English in the most natural way.

They are challenging, but massively rewarding.

Key facts

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3 or 4 day workshops

Total immersion

Modern material

Film or Theatre - Your choice!

Flexible courses

English with creativity

Easy to organise

Easy to change to us

Free demonstrations

Only native English speaking teachers

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