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One to One

Tuition online, or at your home

Lessons suitable for all abilities

Just let us know what you need!


What do we offer?

We only use qualified teachers from Britain, Ireland, Canada & the USA.

These teachers can offer your children a variety of different help, depending on their needs.


from €54*

(*distance dependent)

We offer a trial lesson so that you can meet your teacher, and see our methods.

After that, courses are booked in ten lesson blocks

- Five lesson blocks are also available on request -

(all our prices are for 50 minute lessons)

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Ages 11-18

- Communicative courses -

 - Reading & Writing Improvement -

- Literacy for native speakers -

- Exam Preparation -

- Nachhilfe -

- Matura Preparation -

- IB training -

- High level writing courses -

- General English -

Where & When?

These lessons can be taken online, or at your home, whenever suits you best!

Mon - Fri  (09:00 - 19:00)

How to book?

Simply get in touch below to arrange a trial lesson with one of our teachers to see if you like what we do!

Ages 11+

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