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Sometimes simple is best - Back to the Board

Here's a game that is incredibly simple, but highly effective & fun!

It goes by many names, but I call it 'Back to the Board' -

You don't need a board to play it, but it started that way!Let's look at this handsome character! - He's one of the 'Super Stars' from our course program -

In this picture, he's demonstrating an adjective - Heavy - The vocabulary set for this example is adjectives -Heavy, light, fast, slow, tall, short, strong, weak, old, young, etc....

You can open the teaching of these words by some TPR, getting kids to show you the adjectives by acting.

Once they have a rough idea, you can play Back to the Board -

Set up a few chairs in a line, next to each other - (The number depends on how many teams you have) -

Next, get one student from each team to sit on a chair. Ask the remaining team members to come and stand in front of their team mate who is sitting down -

You stand behind the students sitting down, and they face the opposite way. Explain that you will show a flashcard to the students standing up and that they have to describe what it is to the student sitting down, using only actions - No speaking allowed! - First sitting student to raise their hand and give you the answer wins - Continue at speed and change seated player every new card.

This game can be played in many different ways, with almost any language/vocab set - It can be played with speaking or without - Sentences or simply words - Have a look at the picture here - This could be a flashcard for practicing past simple. Show the card behind the seated students, and they have to guess from the actions of the other students, what the word is, and also produce a correct past tense sentence - i.e. 'I drank water last week.'

A simple, flexible, but effective game for all types of language development!


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