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How does it work?

Why learn English through Art??


Surely it is all drawing, painting & no speaking!!?


Our courses are designed to explore new vocabulary, new skills,  new cultures and above all, heighten the curiosity of the students!

With this comes motivation to speak, learn and interact!

Our courses

 - Weekly Group Courses (School & Hort) -

- Art Project Weeks -

- Small, Private Groups -

- Individual Lessons -

- Summer Art Camps -

Our Art courses offer a huge variety of different creative activities for the students, as well as the option to present & display their achievements.


Additionally, the Art is incorporated into a fascinating look at the world, both

past & present, from a totally different perspective, and all completely in English!


The lessons have also been carefully constructed to maximise speaking time, as well exposure to English continually, and furthermore, all our teachers are fully trained Art & English teachers, ensuring high quality in both aspects of this course.


Is this course different? Yes! 

Does it include all materials? Yes!

Is it time for something different with English? Yes!


Individuals/Private groups

One to One from €45* per lesson

Groups from €12.50

(per student per lesson - 4 or more students)

* Distance dependant


Please contact us directly about our

Group course & Project week prices.

Give us a try, you might be surprised!