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Our courses

Our Art Courses are unique in Vienna.

They offer a creative way of learning English through different Art lessons.

The lessons are designed to have target language, but are all taught in a very natural way, whereby the children learn without even realising it!

The children have fun learning many exciting, creative things and pick up vocabulary and functional language through repeated actions.

How does it work?

The way we learn our mother tongue is through doing, and it is no exception when it comes to learning a foreign language.

We often get asked, "How can my child learn English through Art?? Surely it's all drawing & painting with no speaking?!"

We have experienced language teachers who know how to expose children to a set of language. Put this with the talent of a native speaking Art teacher, and you have a highly effective and motivating combination for learning a new language!

Give us a try, you might be surprised!


Individuals/Private groups

One to One from €45* per lesson

Groups from €12.50

(per student per lesson - 4 or more students)

* Distance dependant

 - Weekly Group Courses (School & Hort) -

- Art Project Weeks -

- Small, Private Groups -

- Individual Lessons -

- Summer Art Camps -


Please contact us directly about our

Group course & Project week prices.