Dance with us!

Dance & Musical Theatre!

Don't let us have all the fun! Join us!

What do we offer?

These courses are all about using English in the most creative ways possible.

They are lead by experienced dance teachers who are full of energy throughout the entire course.

We put your students into a world of dance and musical theatre, taught completely in English.

With loads of exercises, warm-ups, toning, flexibility work and choreographed pieces, the students work their way towards a performance piece to show at the end of the course.

Your children will be immersed in dance, as well as English from the first minute.

These courses are perfect for lovers of dance, musical theatre and are also great building confidence, and highly motivating for immersing in English!

When do they start?

Saturday 26th September 2020

09:00 - 09:55 (Ages 7-9)

10:00 - 10:55 (Ages 9-11)

11:00 - 11:55 (Ages 11-15)


12 week course:


Free trial lesson on 26th Sept or 3rd October

No experience needed! All levels!

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Ages 7-15


Tanzstudio Maenada

5th District

Diehlgasse 52 - Ecke Margaretenstrasse

(near U4, Buses 12a, 59a, Trams 6, 18)